Membership is granted for anyone engaged in maritime law and its related fields with the academic background of undergraduate or higher scholastic achievements. Once you become a member of our association, you are able to receive the publications in a variety of seminars and academic meetings organized by the association and also contribute to the journal.

1. Classification

  • (1) Ordinary member
  • (2) Lifetime member

2. Membership fees

  • (1) Entrance fee : KRW10,000
  • (2) If, Ordinary member : KRW50,000 per year
  • (3) If, Lifetime member : KRW500,000

3. How to apply

  • (1) Request the application form for membership to the association secretariat by e-mail (
  • (2) Pay the entrance fee &annual fee through the following account No. Kukmin Bank : 421101-90-20387 (Hankook Haebup Hakhoi)

4. Benefits of membership

  • (1) To receive various publications
  • (2) To contribute your paper
  • (3) To attend a number of seminars and open meetings every year
  • (4) To present your opinions on the operation of KMLA