The Korea Maritime Law Association's (KMLA) activities are organized by an Executive Committee. The current president of the Executive Committee is a Professor, the honourable In-Hyeon Kim.

Position Name Place of Employment
President S. K. Cho Lawer, Cho & Lee
Chief Vice-President J. Y. Son Vice President, Tech Marine
Vice-President S. K. Yoon Judge, Seoul High Court
J. K. Kang Lawyer, Bae, Kim & Lee
Bay Moon Managing Director, Korea P&I Club
D. H. Suh Lawyer, Suh & Co
Y. H. Seo Lawyer, Pusan Pacific Law Office
J. H. Yeom President, Ildo Chartering Corporation
S. M. Park Professor, Korea University Law School
Y. S. Jeong Professor, Korea Maritime and Ocean University
I. H. Kim Professor, EWHA Women's University Law School
S. H. Yoon Lawyer, Yoon & Co
H. S. Lee President, HS Sea Global
B. K. Cho Director, Korea Shipowners Association
J. C. Kim Lawyer, Aurora
S. I. Park Professor, Mokpo National Maritime University
B. K. Yoon Lawyer, Yoolhyun
S. C. Lee Judge, Seoul District Court
J. H. Lee Lawyer, Kim & Chang
Y. W. Jeon Professor, Korea Maritime and Ocean University
W. Y. Jeong Lawyer, Lee & Ko
M. Han Professor, EWHA Women's University Law School
General Affair Director S. W. Kwon Lawyer, Yeosan Law office
Editorial Director K. M. Moon Lawyer, Moon & Song
H. Y. Yun Professor, Hallym University
Y. J. Kim Professor, Daegu University
Research Director Y. J. Park Professor, Dankook University
S. W. Park Lawyer, Choi & Kim
K. H. Lee Lawyer, Sechang & Co
Information Director W. J. Lee Professor, Duksung Women's University
S. M. Kim Professor, Duksung Women's University
C. Y. Kwon Lawyer, Jipyong
International Affair Director H. Y. Song Lawyer, Jungjin Law Office
C. W. Lee Lawyer, Kim & Chang
O. J. Kwon General Manager, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
Public Relations Director C. J. Kim Team Manager, Korea Shipping Association
I. K. Park Part Manager, Korean Re
D. H. Kim President, KORHI
Promotion Director J. W. Lee Professor, Pusan National University Law School
C. H. Lee Professor, Mokpo National Maritime University
K. H. Kim General Manager, Korea Shipowners Association
Auditor J. C. Cha President, Modern Marine Surveyors & Adjusters Ltd.
S. K. Kim Judge, Seoul Central District Court
Administrative Coordinator D. H. Kang Research Fellow, Kim & Chang
Secretary-General H. D. Kim Director, Korea Maritime Research Institute