The Korea Maritime Law Association's (KMLA) activities are organized by an Executive Committee. The current president of the Executive Committee is an attorney at law, Seug-Hee Yoon.

Position Name Place of Employment
President S. H. Yoon Attorney at Law, Yoon & Co Law Office
General Affairs Director S. R. Choi Professor, Myongji Univerity
Editorial Director Y. J. Park Professor, Dankook University
Y. J. Kim Attorney at Law, Raum Law Office
S. H. Lee Attorney at Law, Kim & Chang Law Office
Research Director C. W. Lee Attorney at Law, Kim & Chang Law Office
H. K. Lee Senior Research Fellow, Korean Society of Law Inc.
Y. J. Park Attorney at Law, Choi & Kim Law Office
Information Director W. J. Lee Professor, Duksung Women's University
B. C Kim Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
A. E. Lee Attorney at Law, Yeosan Law Office
International Affairs Director S. J. Kweon Legal Manager, HMM Co., Ltd
S. P. Hong General Manager, Aon Korea Inc
S. Y. Cho Attorney at Law, The Korea P&I Club
Public Relations Director Y. J. Kim Managing Director, Pan Ocean Co., Ltd
K. H. Paek Director, WLB Salvage Consultancy Inc
D. S. Yoon Attorney at Law, KB Insurance Co., Ltd
Promotion Director D. H Kang General Manager, The Korea P&I Club
J. M. Jyung Attorney at Law, Davinci Law Office
S. Y. Jung Attorney at Law, Kwon & Co Law Office
Financial Director J. D. Lee Group Leader, Samsung SDS
S. H. Lee Attorney at Law, Moon & Song Law Office
W. R. Sung Partner Attorney, DR & AJU LLC
Academic Director J. W. Lee Professor, Pusan National University Law School
J. G. KIM Professor, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
S. W. Lim Professor, Pukyong National University
Y. J. Kim Professor, Daegu University
C. H. Lee Professor, Mokpo National Maritime University
C. Y. Kwon Attorney at Law, Jipyong LLC
P. B. Lee Judge, Busan High Court
Secretary-General H. D. Kim Managing Director, Korea Maritime Research Institute
Assistant Administrator M. K. Kim Research Assistant, Korea University