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The Korea Maritime Law Association's (KMLA) activities are organized by an Executive Committee.
The current president of the Executive Committee is a Professor, the honourable In-Hyeon Kim.

Position Name Place of Employment
President I. H. Kim
  •  Professor, Korea University Law School
Chief Vice-President S. K. Cho
  •  Lawyer, Cho & Lee
Vice-President J. K. Kang
  •  Lawyer, Bae, Kim & Lee
I. H. Kim
  •  Professor, EWHA Women's University Law School
J. C. Kim
  •  Lawyer, Aurora
Bay Moon
  •  Managing Director, Korea P&I Club
S. M. Park
  •  Professor, Korea University Law School
Y. S. Park
  •  Busan Maritime Safety Tribunal, Commissioner
D. H. Suh
  •  Lawyer, Suh & Co
Y. H. Seo
  •  Lawyer, Pusan Pacific Law Office
J. Y. Son
  •  Managing Director, A&G Korea
J. H. Yeom
  •  President, Ildo Chartering Corporation
B. K. Yoon
  •  Lawyer, Yoolhyun
S. H. Yoon
  •  Lawyer, Yoon & Co
S. K. Yoon
  •  Judge, Seoul High Court
S. C. Lee
  •  Judge, Seoul District Court
H. S. Lee
  •  Director, Eukor Car Carriers Inc.
Y. W. Jeon
  •  Professor, Korea Maritime and Ocean University
Y. S. Jeong
  •  Professor, Korea Maritime and Ocean University
B. K. Cho
  •  Director, Korea Shipowners Association
General Affair Director S. R. Choi
  •  Professor, MyongJi University
Editorial Director Y. J. Park
  •  Professor,Professor, Dankook University
H. Y. Yun
  •  Professor, Hallym University
Y. J. Kim
  •  Professor, Daegu University
Research Director K. M. Moon
  •  Lawyer, KWON & MOON Law Office
C. Y. Kim
  •  Deputy Manager, Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd.
C. Y. Kwon
  •  Judge, Uijeongbu District Court
Information Director S. W. Kwon
  •  Lawyer, Yeosan Law office
S. M. Kim
  •  Professor, Duksung Women's University
B. C. Kim
  •  Professor, Hankuk Univeristy of Foreign Studies
International Affair Director J. W. Lee
  •  Professor, Pusan National University Law School
H. Y. Song
  •  Lawyer, Jungjin Law Office
C. W. Lee
  •  Lawyer, Kim & Chang
Public Relations Director C. J. Kim
  •  Team Manager, Korea Shipping Association
K. C. Yoon
  •  Lawyer, Thanks Law Office
D. H. Kim
  •  Lawyer, Cho & Lee
Promotion Director W. J. Lee
  •  Professor, Duksung Women's University
S. W. Park
  •  Lawyer, Choi & Kim
J. K. Kim
  •  Professor, Korea Maritime and Ocean University
Auditor J. C. Cha
  •  President, Modern Marine Surveyors & Adjusters Ltd.
S. K. Kim
  •  Lawyer, Kim & Chang
Administrative Coordinator D. H. Kang
  •  Deputy General Manager, Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd.
Secretary-General H. D. Kim
  •  General Manager, Korea Maritime Research Institute